The Human Condition is an encompassing theme that’s been explored, contemplated and analyzed throughout recorded history. Our memory of past events and the hope that our future will include a better tomorrow separates us from all other species and gives voice to The Human Condition. Religion, Science and Art are the three disciplines necessary to help describe The Human Condition.

Our medium is Art. From Christ’s suffering, to Buddha’s enlightenment, and every definitive belief in between, our creative work is heavily influence by the world’s major religions, plus a few minor one’s as well. In our artistic endeavors, philosophy is another ingredient we feel gives spice to an otherwise bland main course, that’s usually found in musty books or preached from bully-pulpits. From Plato to Descartes all the way up to existentialism, our art and writing reflect the thoughts of many philosophers throughout history. It’s our belief that ‘The world is a stage’. As artists it’s our job to reveal the Human Condition, no matter the emotion or the medium.